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Tale of the Lobster (part 3): Celebrity Xpedition Returns June 30

Celebrity Cruises tells the Miami Herald that the cruise ship will be back in business on June 30th. The cruise line previously told passengers on the June 23rd sailing that their cruise has been canceled. This followed the cancellation of trips on June 2, 9 and 16… Continue Reading →

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Journalism in Galápagos: a USC Professor’s Perspective

Judy Muller, a journalism professor at the University of Southern California wrote a book, Emus Loose in Egnar, about how, at a time when traditional media are struggling, small-town newspapers are doing quite well. She was fascinated by the state of journalism in Galápagos… Continue Reading →

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Coming Soon to a Screen Near You: The Saga of the “Empress” of Galápagos

There are many legends about the “Enchanted Islands” as some call the Galápagos, none more intriguing than the saga of several Europeans who arrived at the archipelago in the 1930’s in search of “Paradise.” Among the most fascinating yarns is that of a woman who called herself “The Empress of the Galápagos” and billed herself as a “Baroness.” It is the stuff films noirs are made of. A tale of adventure, love or lust triangles, betrayals, violence, perhaps murder?… Continue Reading →

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The Struggle for Sustainable Energy on Galápagos

A steady, low, hum accompanied by the “whoosh-woosh-woosh” of giant blades slicing through the air–music to the ears of sustainable energy advocates. It is the sound of the San Cristóbal wind project, three turbines generating power to help meet the island’s growing need for electricity. But, it is also the sound of half-fulfilled promises… Continue Reading →

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Tale of the Lobster (continued): Celebrity Cancels June 9 Galápagos Cruise

Celebrity Cruises in Miami has announced that because the Galápagos National Park has suspended the license of its 96 passenger vessel Celebrity Xpedition to sail in the islands, it is cancelling the June 9th cruise. TO READ MORE, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE ABOVE. Continue Reading →

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Tale of the Lobster: Celebrity Cruises Gets Pinched

The cruise ship Celebrity Xpedition has had its license to operate in the islands suspended for 45 days because Galápagos authorities said the ship was carrying out-of-season lobster tails. Passengers who booked travel on the June 2nd cruise got a rude surprise when they were told by the company that their trip had been canceled. The company is appealing the decision and in the meantime, the ship remains anchored in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island…

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El Universo: Ancestor of Galápagos Tortoises in Amazon Basin

The Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo reports that according to Brazilian scientists, ancestors of giant Galapagos tortoises may have lived in the Amazon Basin.

“A prehistoric tortoise several feet long found in the Brazilian Amazon region, is regarded by paleontologists as the most likely ancestor of the giant tortoises that live exclusively in the Galapagos archipelago, off the coast of Ecuador.” To read more, click the headline above. Continue Reading →

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