Maria Isabel Salvador to head Galápagos Provincial Council

Maria Isabel Salvador (2010 file photo--Duv Heiderberg)

Maria Isabel Salvador (2010 file photo--Duv Heiderberg)

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has appointed longtime diplomat Maria Isabel Salvador as President of the Galápagos Provincial Council (Consejo de Gobierno de Galápagos.) Since 2010, she has been Ecuador’s Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, DC. In previous posts, she served as Ecuador’s foreign minister and was also minister of tourism.

In appointing her, Correa said, during his regular Saturday broadcast to the nation, that there is “disorder, a lot of abuse, anarchy and lack of policies” that damage the ecosystem and tourism on the islands. He said although the Galápagos is no longer on UNESCO’s list of endangered World Heritage Sites, there is  still unfinished business on the archipelago.

Specifically, he cited a lack of implementation and monitoring to ensure compliance with existing regulations to protect the environment.

The Provincial Council of Galápagos is the body responsible for the administration of the islands, including planning, zoning and resource management to ensure the conservation of their natural heritage.

Here’s a link to the government press release in Spanish.