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Scientists: climate change harms Galápagos wildlife

Scientists from the Charles Darwin Foundation have been taking the census of penguins on Isabela Island and they’re concerned about the decline of the population to about 1,000 birds.

They blame global climate change for the problem–pumping up the weather pattern known as “El Niño” that warms Pacific Ocean waters and lessens the food supply for Galápagos wildlife. (TO READ MORE, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE) Continue Reading →

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Solar Powered Boat: Galápagos Water Taxi of the Future?

That familiar smell of exhaust fumes from the plentiful water taxis that shuttle people around places like Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos could be lessened by new technology that the World Wildlife Fund and the Galapágos National Park have put on display.

It’s a solar-powered boat…(TO READ MORE, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE ABOVE.)
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