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Galápagos Issues Highlighted at San Francisco Science Conference

A bronze sculpture of a Galápagos tortoise greets meeting participants at the California Academy of Sciences.

It’s been 180 years since Charles Darwin’s voyage to the Galápagos Islands and to mark the occasion, the Pacific Division of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science has made Galápagos research a centerpiece of this year’s annual meeting in San Francisco, California. Continue Reading →

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Half of Santa Cruz Highlands Covered by Invasive Plants

Almost half of the highlands  area of Santa Cruz Island is covered by invasive plants

They’re way too easy to find on the inhabited islands of the Galápagos. Raspberries, guavas, orange cestrum–introduced plants, crowding out native plant species with potentially disastrous effects to fragile island ecosystems.
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Celebrating Darwin and the Darwin Research Station in Galápagos

Charles Darwin--portrait by George Richmond, 1840

158 years ago, Darwin began writing On the Origin of Species, a work that would change the world. 50 years ago, the Darwin Research Station was dedicated on Santa Cruz Island. As people mark those anniversaries, the Galápagos grapples with some issues he raised back in the 19th centrury. Continue Reading →

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