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Galápagos Park Rangers Protect Nesting Turtles, Mating Sea Lions

A female sea turtle digs her nest

They are like ninjas, dressed completely in black, spying and moving stealthily in the night to avoid detection. These are not military commandos, but rather Galápagos National Park Rangers, monitoring the nesting activities of green sea turtles. Continue Reading →

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72 Galapágos New Year’s Babies

Newly hatched baby tortoises at the Fausto Llerena Tortoise Center

OK, so they’re technically not New Year’s babies because they were hatched in the waning days of 2013. But as 2014 dawns, there is cause for celebrating at the Galápagos National Park’s Fausto Llerena Tortise Center.
What has scientists excited is that 14 of the 72 baby tortoises hatched there in November and December are carrying partial DNA of the original Floreana Island tortoises that have been extinct since the mid-1800’s. This raises the hope that tortoises with genes similar to the original species can be restored to the island. (TO READ MORE, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE ABOVE.) Continue Reading →

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Scientists: climate change harms Galápagos wildlife

Juvenile Galápagos Penguin

Scientists from the Charles Darwin Foundation have been taking the census of penguins on Isabela Island and they’re concerned about the decline of the population to about 1,000 birds.

They blame global climate change for the problem–pumping up the weather pattern known as “El Niño” that warms Pacific Ocean waters and lessens the food supply for Galápagos wildlife. (TO READ MORE, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE) Continue Reading →

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